How to trade Taylor Swift friendship bracelets

hands full of friendship bracelets

You’ve made Taylor Swift friendship bracelets and you are ready to trade your bracelets! We have compiled some quick tips on how to make trading bracelets with other Swifties go smoother! Taylor instructed us all: So make the friendship bracelets Take the moment and taste it Ensure that your bracelets are made using a string […]

100+ Ideas for Taylor Swift Friendship Bracelets

beaded friendship bracelets

We are making the friendship bracelets to trade with our fellow fans. We have compiled 100+ ideas and inspiration for clever lines to put on your friendship bracelets with 100+ ideas for Taylor Swift Friendship Bracelets. I have added some memes as well as song lyrics, concepts, and album titles! Click to read our post […]

Your Ultimate Guide to the Eras Tour in Europe

Looking forward to seeing Taylor Swift in Europe? Us too! We have been compiling tips from other Swifties from getting tickets without getting scammed, getting the best merch on the day of, how to distribute bracelets at the concert, and tips for surviving the concert. We will add more in-depth posts as we can. How […]