You’ve made Taylor Swift friendship bracelets and you are ready to trade your bracelets! We have compiled some quick tips on how to make trading bracelets with other Swifties go smoother! Taylor instructed us all:

So make the friendship bracelets

Take the moment and taste it

Ensure that your bracelets are made using a string with elastic (or look for someone with a smaller wrist if you forgot to do this)

Some Swifties have chosen to make woven bracelets, but be sure there is enough extra string for these to fit on bigger wrists, so many are opting for beaded bracelets. Our tutorial covers more tips about this. An elastic string ensures you can easily get your bracelets off your arm. Some fans may prefer not to be touched, so please be mindful of this!

Look for Eras-themed events before the concert in your city or post in your local Girl Gone International/Reddit about a Swiftie friendship bracelet party

Many American Swifties have reported that they traded minimal bracelets during the concert itself probably as so many of us will be screaming crying during the whole show. Some clever Swifties have organized their own bracelet-trading events on the nights before concerts in their cities at the venue or bars. You can also post on Reddit or Girl Gone International (a great female-led group for making new friends) to look for other Swifties to trade with.

Bring a shower carabinier (if allowed in*)

We have yet to see the list of allowed items for each European venue, but a plastic carabinier is what most fans are using to allow other fans to easily see their bracelets and unclip the ones that people want.

Arrive earlier; Bring your friendship bracelets with you when you get something to drink or eat

Be sure to bring your bracelets with you when you get something to drink/eat. While you are in line (especially during pauses or before the show) will be the time when people are most active trading. After is also possible, but you may have fewer opportunities to chat.

Keep one arm for yours–and one arm for those you have picked up

After you find other Swifties to trade with, pick one arm for ones that you are giving–and one that you are receiving. It might be easier to use your non-dominant arm for the ones that you are giving away to enable yourself to help someone put it on.

Don’t be shy if you have anxiety

Just ask straight away: Do you want to trade bracelets? If you see someone with a big bag or armful, they are probably very keen too! So many fans are excited for the show and to even compliment someone’s outfit/bracelets is a great way to start a conversation with another fan who has bracelets.

Any other trading tips?

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