Looking forward to seeing Taylor Swift in Europe? Us too! We have been compiling tips from other Swifties from getting tickets without getting scammed, getting the best merch on the day of, how to distribute bracelets at the concert, and tips for surviving the concert. We will add more in-depth posts as we can.

How to get tickets to see Taylor if you were not selected for the pre-sale

We were not selected for the pre-sale, but thankfully had friends who were able to snag us tickets. For the Amsterdam tour and other tours, the identity of the Lead Booker (the person who bought the ticket) will be checked, so buying third-party tickets is likely to force you to miss the show.

A tip is to check Ticketmaster on the day of the show for resale tickets sold at cost to other fans via the official website. You may need to refresh a lot, but someone will inevitably realize that they cannot attend and their ticket will go back for sale. This will ensure that the ticket is fully in your name!

Booking your accommodation and travel for the Eras Tour early

Book as early as possible! There are so many fans descending upon Europe for the tour, so for cities like Gelsenkirchen, book your hotel and trains as early as possible. Already, most hotels are booked out solid for Taylor´s Dates. We will be trying to look to see if we can help others find hotels with availability still.

Getting Official Merch

For most of the US shows, the merchandise truck arrived one day early before the show, so you can buy your merch ahead of the crowds if you time it well. Many swear by having one friend miss part of the opener–or even missing a song if you dare. Arriving early is also a good option if you can.

Tips for Surviving the Concert

It is a really long concert. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes with functionality (there is a reason why Taylor loves cowboy boots!), bring snacks, a small bag that will not get you in trouble with security, and remember to drink water.

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